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Videosystem was founded in Vicenza (Italy) in 1991 by a group of engineers, technicians and entrepreneurs who together created an innovative automatic solution for the video rental market. From the very beginning, our business has been built on delivering high quality, state of the art solutions that serve the needs of our customers. Within a year Videosystem unveiled TOP, its first automatic dispenser that combined the ability to browse and collect products in one platform with a European patent awarded in 1997. Videosystem also developed and patented the first circular barcode, providing a simple solution to coding 13 millions items. In 2000 the 'Sistema 2x1' has been patented, a hardware development that allowed retailers to store either one VHS or two DVDs in the same storage slot.
In 2004 Aut. Distributor ARTE: Videosystem began working with the Italian design house Synthesis Design (Arch. Gaino - www.sysnthesisdesign.it ) to utilise their product design expertise to further refine its range of automated rental technology solutions.


Videosystem develops and builds the Pharmaself24, Europe’s leading 24-hour automated collection point, which let’s patients collect their dispensed medicines securely and conveniently. This innovative technology solution is increasingly popular in north European countries.

The Pharmaself24, which is built on the foundations of Videosystem’s long standing experience in producing automatic solutions and its knowledge of working in international markets, helps pharmacy owners use technology to future proof their businesses.

In 2018, working with Synthesis Design, Videosystem released a modern and striking facelift for the Pharmaself24 with the stunning 'Hexagon' front panel.

Videosystem remains committed in researching and developing innovative solutions to support our pharmacy customers.


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